Welding Blanket Industry Uses

Behind the scenes in everyday life, fireproof textiles protect homes, vehicles, and workplaces almost anywhere you look. Our diverse line of high-temperature textiles are suitable in many different use cases to maximize your safety and comfort. Whatever you’re working with, we’re working with you.

Welding and Heat Barrier Blankets

Welding blankets have many different purposes. Nearly every heavy and construction-based industry uses them on a daily basis, and many individuals rely on them for welding in smaller workshops.

Welding is essential in metalwork, automotive repair, the aerospace and nautical industries, railroads, shipping, infrastructure, farming and agriculture, and all types of manufacturing.

In any of these scenarios, welding blankets help create a safe workspace by shielding walls, wooden floors, and flammable materials. They can also cover vehicles, grills, and other metal objects. Many welders hang and spread multiple blankets to create floor-to-ceiling fireproof workrooms.

Our performance-tested welding blankets protect you, your tools, and your workspace during welding and hot work. Use them to meet your needs, whatever they may be. Contain sparks, protect machinery, and prevent accidents. Our heat barrier blankets have you covered wherever you need thermal control.


Many welding and heavy machinery applications require welding blankets for personal protection. Metalwork involves a variety of hazardous materials - many of which are prone to combustion - and workers expose themselves to high heat during welding. It is important to secure the work environment with thermal protection products.


Welding blankets play an everyday role in automotive manufacturing and repair. In both of these industries, workers deal with high heat, sparks, sensitive materials, gasoline, and other flammable substances. Automotive repair shops are especially vulnerable areas, since workers are dealing with defective and broken machinery. Welding blankets provide personal protection, a heat shield, and vehicle insulation.


Welding plays a vital role in farming and ranching industries. Harvesting vehicles, gates, and other farming equipment endure constant wear and tear, and need to be maintenanced often. They can also be vulnerable to fire due to remote surroundings and nearby materials. This means that welding blankets come into play on a daily basis, both in agricultural machine shops and outdoors.

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