How our fire blankets protect

Fire blankets are not as common as fire extinguishers, but they have many applications and use case scenarios. Our blankets are versatile, durable, and most importantly, effective when it comes to safety and security.

Prepare. Prevent. Protect.

Resists instantaneous burning of 2000°F

Withstands long term heat of 600-850°F

Does not produce toxic waste gases

No burning or melting characteristics

Light weight, portable, flexible and foldable

Available in varying thickness and sizes

Welding Blankets

Our multipurpose welding blankets protect you, your tools, and your workspace. High-performance woven high silica fiberglass with silicone resists flames and flash temperatures up to 2192° F (1200° C), with long-term heat resistance between 662-842° F (350°-450° C). Available finished in standard sizes with grommets for easy use.

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Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is an essential emergency device at home and in the workplace, fighting flames without the use of harmful chemicals. Non-woven carbonized polyester wool resists up to 2192° F (1200° C), with long-term heat resistance between 662-842° F (350°-450° C). Our fire blankets are reusable and non-melting, and do not produce secondary pollution. Available in standard sizes.

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We've got you covered.

At Nexprotek, trial-by-fire is all in a day’s work. At home or at work in a high-heat industry, approach flames and extreme temperatures with performance-tested tools you can trust.

Safety & Security

Whether you’re a DIYer working on a project at home, a family that understands the value of protection equipment, or a rancher looking for the toughest textiles available, look to us. Our blankets are built to withstand and control any volatile situation.

Quality & Durability

When the heat is on and you need protection, quality matters. Our brand is built on a legacy of tried and true materials that withstand heat and facilitate your projects. Know your source, and know that your products work.

Technology & Reliablity

We aren't pulling any punches - our manufacturers built a product that is designed for all heat-related trials. The research and effort we put into our products means we can stand behind their reliability. We won't fail you in your time of need.

Industry Resources

Vertical Industries

Nexprotek is ideal for suppliers to emergency services, commercial and heavy industries, and agriculture. Our products are available customized and in high volume.

Heavy Industry

Manufacturing, construction, maritime, and mining industries all need fire-retardant material for daily hot work as well as for emergencies

Automotive Industry

Our automotive materials ensure safety and comfort. They reduce road noise, create a heat barrier between engine and cabin, and prevent engine fires and overheating.

Marine Industry

From shipyard construction to maintenance at sea, fire and insulation blankets are essential in marine industries. Cover and insulate electrical systems and vital equipment.

Agricultural Industry

Thermal blankets save lives and livelihoods in farm and ranch industries. Protect harvesting vehicles, equipment, and flammable materials, and efficiently insulate outbuildings.

Commercial Industry

Commercial settings - from factories to hotels - install fire blankets for emergencies. In settings where people work or gather, well-placed fire blankets can save lives.

Restaurant Industry

Restaurants and commercial kitchens need fire blankets to control grease fires and other accidents. Safety regulations and laws often require them before a kitchen is approved.

Residential and Leisure

Every kitchen, garage, and home workshop needs a fire-extinguisher blanket. Flame retardant blankets also increase safety and security on boats and vehicles.

Emergency Response

Fire retardant material is not only useful in small fires. For fire departments and other emergency response teams, it provides personal protection in out-of-control blazes.

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