Fire Extinguisher

Behind the scenes in everyday life, fireproof textiles protect homes, vehicles, and workplaces almost anywhere you look. Our line of high-temperature blankets is suitable in many use cases to maximize your safety and comfort. Whatever you’re working with, we’re working with you.

Our Fire Extinguisher Blankets

Whether at home or in the workplace, fire extinguisher blankets can keep accidents from becoming disasters. Your first line of defense in emergencies like kitchen, fireplace, and electrical fires, they smother sparks and flames at the source.

Fire extinguisher blankets work by covering and smothering a small fire. The blanket's flame-retardant carbonized wool blocks sparks from spreading and cuts off the fire's oxygen supply. Placed around bonfires and grills, fire blankets can also keep flames where they belong. Equally useful in homes, boats, garages, and cars, they are lightweight and easily stored.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Whether you’re at home or in a high-heat workshop, you need personal protection equipment. Reduce your personal exposure to hazards and work safely around flames and high heat. Not only can a fire blanket stop a kitchen, workshop, or electrical fire, it can also put out flames on hair and clothing, or be wrapped around individuals for emergency protection.

Household Fire Blankets

Have peace of mind at home with the tools to smother small fires at their source.
Flame-retardant cloth smothers household fires, such as stovetop or electrical fires, before they can spread. Our fire extinguisher blankets are clearly packaged and labeled with instructions for emergency use.

Commercial Fire Blankets

Commercial fire blankets help restaurants, hotels, and public buildings comply with required safety standards. Effective against small fires, including those caused by cooking oils, fire blankets are an important part of any safety plan for a commercial setting.

Vehicle Fires

Fire blankets can also save lives in vehicle fires. The quality thermal insulation that a fire blanket provides can create a safe barrier between the engine and the rest of the car. In the case of a collision or engine malfunction, it significantly reduces fire risk and severity. Having an emergency blanket along for the ride is also essential for personal protection if a fire does break out.

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