Nexprotek Welding Blankets

Our multipurpose welding blankets protect you, your tools, and your workspace. High-performance woven high silica fiberglass with silicone resists flames and flash temperatures up to 2192° F (1200° C), with long-term heat resistance between 662-842° F (350°-450° C). Available finished in standard sizes with grommets for easy use. (5x8 feet)

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Prepare. Prevent. Protect.

Resists instantaneous burning of 2000°F

Withstands long term heat of 600-850°F

Does not produce toxic waste gases

No burning or melting characteristics

Light weight, portable, flexible and foldable

Available in varying thickness and sizes

Using Your Welding Blanket

Welding blankets can be used for many different purposes. Hang or drape them in a workspace, contain high heat and sparks, protect machinery, and prevent accidents.

Welding Blanket Structure

Lightweight yet powerful, our welding blankets are made from woven high silica fiberglass with silicone. These materials block sparks and cut off a fire’s oxygen supply.

Safety and Security

Nexprotek meets the highest international standards for heat resistance, health, and environmental safety. Responsibly produced and free of harmful materials, our welding blankets are safe to use for any type of hot work.

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