How to Use a Fire Blanket

What Does a Fire Blanket Do?

Fire extinguisher blankets have been used to save lives and property for decades. Lightweight and easily-stored, they work without chemicals by simply cutting off a fire’s oxygen supply. Knowing how to correctly use one is a skill that can help anyone prepare for unexpected fires. A first line of defense at home or in any workplace, they can keep small fires from spreading and buy valuable time while you take other emergency steps. In certain kitchen emergencies – such as hot grease fires – a fire blanket is often a better choice than water or even a fire extinguisher.

What are Fire Blankets Made From?

Even though fire blankets are standard emergency devices, Fire blankets aren’t one-size-fits all. They come in many different materials – and levels of quality. When you’re looking to buy a quality fire extinguisher blanket, it’s important to do your research and choose one that will best prepare you for a fire emergency. We chose carbonized polyester wool for our Nexprotek fire blankets due to their proven ability to smother high-heat blazes like those produced by stovetop and deep fryer fires.

Using A Fire Blanket on a Fire

How to use a Fire Blanket in the Home or Workplace

  1. Carefully remove the blanket from its container or storage place. Unfold it and hold it out in front of you for protection as you approach the fire.
  2. With your hands and face as far away as possible, gently place the fire blanket over the fire. Try to cover all the flames, and do not toss the blanket or attempt to beat the fire. This can make the problem worse.
  3. If the fire is on a stovetop or caused by an appliance, now is the time to check and make sure that the source of heat is turned off (don’t try to do this first).
  4. With the blanket securely over the fire and the heat source turned off or unplugged, call emergency services. Leave the blanket alonge for at least 15 minutes and do not attempt to check and see if it has put out the fire. It takes some time for the fire blanket to do its work, and certain fires can reignite if it is removed too soon.

Personal Protection: How to Use a Fire Blanket on a Person

Fire blankets can also be used for personal protection. Flames on hair and clothing can quickly cause serious, life-long injury or even death. If someone around you is on fire, wrap the blanket around them while protecting your own hands by holding the blanket from the outside (do not simply grab the corners). Once the blanket is secured around the person, tell them to stop, drop, and roll while you call 911. It’s important to remain calm, as panicking and trying to move too quickly can make the problem worse. 

Remember, while a fire blanket is a crucial tool, it’s only one step in an emergency response plan. After using it to suppress the fire, follow up with other emergency steps, such as calling 911 and the fire department.

fire blanket

Other Uses for Fire Blankets

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) comes in all shapes and sizes. For many professionals who work around fire, this includes specialized clothing and gear. In an emergency, however, fire blankets can protect you from flames, sparks and heat as you escape a building. Even if your hair or clothing is not on fire, wrapping a fire blanket around yourself or someone else can prevent severe burns.

Sound Barrier And Insulation

Fire blankets can come in handy in many other ways as well. Car fire blankets, for example, can be just as important as a fire blanket in the home – and the same materials can serve many different purposes They can muffle the sound of a noisy appliance or motor, or even help insulate a vehicle or machine. Depending on your needs and creativity, there are no real limitations on what a carbonized wool fire blanket can do.

Any way you slice it, fire blankets are a must-have for emergency preparation. Simple, effective, and easy to store, they should have a place in every home, garage, and workplace. Fire blankets are reusable and require no maintenance. Knowing how to quickly and correctly use one to protect yourself, a coworker, or a family member can save lives. You’ll have security and peace of mind knowing you’re always prepared for the unexpected. 

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