Behind the scenes in everyday life, fireproof textiles protect homes, vehicles, and workplaces almost anywhere you look. Our line of high-temperature blankets is suitable in many use cases to maximize your safety and comfort. Whatever you’re working with, we’re working with you.

Home and Workshop Insulation

Our fire and welding blankets can be used as insulation to guarantee maximum heat retention in any space. Durable, high-performance woven high silica fiberglass and carbonized wool blankets can efficiently block heat and heat loss in any space, large or small.

Inexpensive and long-lasting, our insulation blankets can be fitted for areas that need help keeping in heat, including wall and floorboard cavities, attics, workshops, and basements. They can help muffle echoes and loud noises, improve acoustics even in large, open areas.

Vehicle Insulation

Well-installed vehicle insulation can deaden noise, reduce heat from sunlight and high outdoor temperatures, and cool hot floorboards. A high-quality firewall between the vehicle cabin and engine lowers the risk of harm from accidents and engine fire, reduces uncomfortable everyday engine heat, and muffles vehicle sounds.

Our insulation materials provide a number of benefits that can significantly upgrade a vehicle’s performance. Fire and welding blankets can both be used for insulation and safety purposes in any vehicle. Nonwoven, carbonized wool fire extinguisher blankets are always a good addition to a car’s emergency kit. In addition, they can serve insulation purposes, such as under the hood of a car. Welding blanket fabric, made from woven high silica fiberglass with silicone, also makes for excellent vehicle insulation.

Sound Barrier

Thermal insulation blankets can also create an effective sound barrier. Whether placed under a car hood, attached to workshop walls, or wrapped around a noisy generator or household appliance, both our welding and fire blankets can keep everyday machine and work noise to a minimum.

Heat Barrier

Create a buffer for safety and comfort. Draped, installed, or attached to sensitive surfaces, heat barrier blankets are useful wherever you need thermal control.
Our welding blankets can be used as heat wrap to create a powerful temperature barrier. Separating generators, pipes, fireplaces, and appliances from surrounding walls and spaces, they serve safety and efficiency purposes.

Fiberglass’ heat retention properties help appliances and machinery work more efficiently, keeping heat where it belongs. Most importantly, their proven fire resistance can help get - and keep - any building up to code.

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