Heat and Sound Barrier

Behind the scenes in everyday life, fireproof textiles protect homes, vehicles, and workplaces almost anywhere you look. Our line of high-temperature blankets is suitable in many use cases to maximize your safety and comfort. Whatever you’re working with, we’re working with you.

How our Thermal Textiles Insulate Heat and Sound

Everywhere from under vehicle hoods, vehicle floors, generator housings, and steam pipes to workshop walls, create a buffer for safety and comfort. Draped or installed, our barrier blankets are useful wherever you need thermal and sound control. They can be used as heat wrap to create a powerful temperature barrier. Separating generators, pipes, fireplaces, and appliances from surrounding walls and spaces, they serve safety and efficiency purposes. Their heat retention properties help appliances and machinery do their job and keep heat where it belongs.

Heat Barriers for Welding and Hot Work

Welding blankets help create a safe workspace by shielding walls, wooden floors, and flammable materials. They can also cover vehicles, grills, and other metal objects. Many welders hang and spread multiple blankets to create floor-to-ceiling fireproof workrooms. Use them to meet your needs, whatever they may be. Contain sparks, protect machinery, and prevent accidents. We have you covered wherever you need thermal control.

Vehicle Sound and Heat

Thermal insulation blankets can create an effective sound barrier in a vehicle to reduce road noise. Even simply installing a fire blanket under the hood of a car muffles engine noise substantially. Beyond this, insulation textiles on vehicle floors can deaden the sounds of outside traffic.

In addition to minimizing road noise, fire and welding blankets can help regulate temperatures throughout any vehicle, large or small. They keep extreme outside temperatures - both high and low - in check. They can also reduce heat created by the vehicle itself and keep floorboards cool. The overall result is a comfortable, safe, temperature-controlled interior.

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